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Wed Dec 30 2020
Template for lerna-managed monorepos of typed React components and hooks including storybook auto-deployment

A template for repositories of custom React components and hooks, properly typed with Typescript, divided into sub packages with Lerna and visually testable with Storybook. packages/ includes two examples for subpackages that you can build upon: packages/component-package with a sample implementation of a custom react component, including a spec test-file, a storybook story and a MDX-based storybook documentation; And packages/hook-package with a sample implementation of a custom react hook, including a hook test implementation and a storybook story.

It also automatically deploys the storybook to GitHub Pages. You can view the default storybook here:



  • Create a new repo based off this template by by clicking here
  • Deployment automatically happens. Initialize GitHub Pages by going to the Repo's settings, scrolling down to GitHub Pages, selecting the gh-pages branch and click on Save (root directory is fine).
  • Implement your components and hooks by copying the template packages. Make sure to adapt the package names, repository url and author in the respective package.json files.
  • Make sure to remove the template packages if you don't need them anymore. You can always copy them from the original template repo again.

When developing locally, run in the root directory...

  • yarn to install dependencies
  • yarn test to run tests in all packages
  • yarn build to build distributables and typings in packages/{package}/out
  • yarn storybook to run a local storybook server
  • yarn build-storybook to build the storybook
  • npx lerna version to interactively bump the packages versions. This automatically commits the version, tags the commit and pushes to git remote.
  • npx lerna publish to publish all packages to NPM that have changed since the last release. This automatically bumps the versions interactively.
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