Thu Oct 13 2022
Typescript starter repo with eslint setup
MIT License


  • Test setup with Jest
  • Eslint setup with airbnb defaults and prettier
  • Setup with Yarn
  • Builds for multiple targets cjs, esm and esnext
  • Github Actions CI Pipeline for testing and publishing

Setup template

  • Clone the template via the Use this template button or by clicking here.
  • Search for "TODO" in the project and adjust everything applicable, and replace "{NAME}" with your project name
  • (optionally) Add a secret to GitHub with the name npm_token to allow NPM releases
  • (optionally) enable packaging an exported CLI via pkg if enabled in the CI file
  • remove or adapt from the following sections to adjust to the package

How to use

Install globally via

npm install -g {NAME}

or directly use via

npx {NAME}

TODO You can also download a prebuilt binary and run that.


Usage: npx {NAME} [options]

-V, --version            output the version number
-s, --small              small pizza size
-p, --pizza-type <type>  flavour of pizza
-h, --help               display help for command

How to use

Install the package

npm install {NAME} --save
yarn add {NAME}

Import the package and use it

import {NAME} from '{NAME}'


How to develop

  • yarn to install dependencies
  • yarn start to run in dev mode
  • yarn test to run tests
  • yarn lint to test and fix linter errors

To publish a new version, the publish pipeline can be manually invoked.

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