Wed Sep 09 2020
Minimalistic React + TypeScript + Electron Boilerplate. Nothing more.

Uses a minimal webpack config to bundle everything together, and includes just what you need to build your electron app. Tiny enough so that you keep a good overview of everything, simple enough for you to add what you need and still complete enough to start working on production projects.


  • Completely typed, not only your application code, but also the electron main process code, the webpack configuration files (editor suggestions in those files make extensions really easy!), and in json configuration files via json schemas.
  • No built-in frontend libraries like react-router or redux. They are dead-simple to integrate manually, this boilerplate does not make assumptions about your tech stack.
  • electron-builder included for bundling the app for Windows, Linux and Mac. Easily adjustable configurations allows bundling installers or zipped portable packages.
  • prettier included for formatting.

Preparing releases

The CI pipeline is setup to automatically release new versions for pushed tags. Make sure to bump the version in the package.json file, and tag the commit with the new version (e.g. v1.0.0).

The following manual steps have to be completed initially to setup releases:

  • Set a GitHub Actions secret with the name GH_SECRET that has repo access
  • Set a suitable appId and productName in electron-builder.json
  • Set suitable name, description, author, repository values in package.json
  • Overwrite resources/icon.png with a suitable logo image. Note that, for the Mac OS build to work, it must be at least 512x512

Removing stuff

Utilities like electron-builder and prettier are included for convenience, but can easily be removed if you don't want them.

Removing electron-builder

  • Remove the fields build:unpacked, build:packed, build from package.json:scripts.
  • Remove the dependency electron-builder.
  • Remove the file electron-builder.json.

Removing prettier

  • Remove the fields prettier:check and prettier:write from package.json:scripts
  • Remove the dependency prettier.
  • Remove the file prettierrc.json.


  • Where does the code land once built?
    • The built files index.html, electron-main.js and js/main.js (render logic) are placed in the app/ folder, which is loaded into the root of the resources/app.asar archive once built into an distributable package.
  • How can I access the location of the built code?
    • e.g. path.join(app.getAppPath(), '/app/index.html')
  • How can I add other files to be included into that archive?
    • Add the file paths as glob to the files-array in electron-builder.json.
  • How can I import images/css/scss/other custom things in TypeScript?
    • Add the relevant loaders in webpack-renderer.config.ts if you want to load those files in the render process, or in webpack-electron.config.ts for the main process.
  • How can I change the icon?
    • resources/icon.png
  • I don't want to use yarn.
    • Remove the file yarn.lock, change yarn to npm run in the scripts inside of package.json.
  • I want a more comprehensive boilerplate that includes more features.
  • Using async fs-method do not return and block indefinitely.
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