Obsidian File Order

Tue Mar 28 2023
Obsidian plugin to reorder files with drag-and-drop by customizing a number-prefix in the filenames
  • Find the Plugin "File Order" in the community plugin list in obsidian to install.

To use, after installation you can right-click on any folder or item and click on "Reorder items" to open the reorder dialog. There, you can drag and drop items to customize their order. By clicking in the down-arrow next to the "Files" or "Folders" title, you can access additional options. There you can customize a minimum prefix length (e.g. have all prefix numbers be at least 3 characters long), customize the delimiter (a single space by default, but can be anything) or the starting index.

Reordering items will automatically update all references to any files you are reordering.

You can also always clear a custom ordering you made in the past, which will remove the prefixes from the file names and restore the default ordering.

When you open the reorder dialog another time in the future on a folder, which you have customized before, the plugin will automatically infer these options from the set file names. This means that the plugin maintains no settings itself, every ordering information used is stored in the file names themselves, meaning you can continue to use the ordered files even after you uninstall the plugin, and the plugin will also be able to read and allow you to edit orderings you have created manually in the past.

In the plugin settings, you can also define default values for prefix length, delimiter and starting index.








To make changes to this plugin, first ensure you have the dependencies installed.



To start building the plugin with what mode enabled run the following command:

yarn dev

Note: If you haven't already installed the hot-reload-plugin you'll be prompted to. You need to enable that plugin in your obsidian vault before hot-reloading will start. You might need to refresh your plugin list for it to show up.


Run yarn release to release a new version.

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