Tue Dec 12 2023
Quickly generate an HTML page from a bunch of markdown files

Markbase is a simple, lightweight, and fast static site generator that turns a bunch of markdown files into a website.



  • As simple as it can get, just call markbase build folder/to/markdown/files to get your output
  • Watch mode, just call markbase watch folder/to/markdown/files to open a local server and automatically rebuild your site on file changes
  • Modern theme with dark- and light mode
  • Syntax highlighting in code segments
  • Admonitions and lots of other extended markdown features
  • Customization of document names and order through frontmatter or folder config files
  • Generates SEO tags, sitemap file and favicons
  • Lots of customizability through custom plugins

Get Started

Install markbase with

npm install -g markbase

Then, run

markbase build folder/to/markdown/files

to generate your website. The output will be in the ./out folder.

You can also use markbase watch to automatically rebuild your site on file changes.


You can configure how markbase generates your site by creating a configuration file config.yml at the root of your document folder:

title: My Website
description: This is my website
documents: ["**/*.md"]
assets: ["**/*.png", "**/*.jpg"]
out: ./dist

See here for more information on the configuration options.

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