Json Extract Path

Sat Feb 06 2021
CLI tool to extract a variable from a JSON file based on a JSONPath value

CLI for extracting a value from a JSON file based on a JSONPath input

npx json-extract-path --file ./example.json --jsonpath "$[*].author"

How to use

Install globally via

npm install -g json-extract-path

or directly use via

npx json-extract-path

You can also download native binaries under the Releases Tab and use them if you don't want to install NodeJS.


Usage: npx json-extract-path [options]

-V, --version          output the version number
-f, --file             path to the JSON file
-j, --jsonpath <path>  JsonPath value
-d, --delemitter <del>  delemitter character, in case more than one result is returned (default: ";")
-h, --help             display help for command

How to develop

  • yarn to install dependencies
  • yarn start to run the CLI script for debugging
  • yarn test to run tests
  • yarn publish to publish a new version to NPM. Make sure to bump the version!
  • yarn prettier:check to verify that your code is pretty
  • yarn prettier:write to make your code pretty
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