Tue Apr 24 2018
A commandline tool for duplicating and resizing image files.

ires (Image resizer) is a commandline tool, which can be used to resize arbitrary quantities of images into arbitrary quantities of target image sizes.

Installing and running

node.js and npm are required for the tool to run.

To install globally , run

npm install -g ires

Then, use the commandline tool ires to process arbitrary quantities of images into differently sized image files.

ires -i input.png --sizes 16 32 64

Will create the files


With the respective sizes.


  • -i, --input filenames...

    will use the given paths to files as input files, which will be processed. The image files are separated by spaces.

    Example: --input file1.png file2.png file3.png

  • --sizes sizes...

    will use the given image sizes as output image sizes. The sizes are separated by spaces and are either an integer, describing both width and height for a square image, or have the format wxh, where w is the width in pixels and h is the height in pixels.

    Example: --sizes 16 32 48x64

  • -o, --outname outname

    is the name of the output files. Several placeholders can be used to differentiate the files:

    • {filename}: The original filename, without the extension.
    • {extension}: The original fileextension.
    • {width}: The width of the currently processed size.
    • {height}: The height of the currently processed size.
    • {fileindex}: The index of the file currently processed. For example, if files a.png, b.png, c.png, d.png have been entered as input files and currently file c.png is being processed, this placeholder will have the value 2.
    • {sizeindex}: The index of the size currently processed. For exmaple, if sizes 16, 32, 64 have been entered as output sizes, and the current file is being resized to size 16x16, this placeholder will have the value 0.


     ires -i a.png b.png --sizes 10x15 20x25 -o {filename}-{extension}.{fileindex}.{sizeindex}-{width}x{height}

    Will render the files:

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