Github Takeout

Fri Oct 14 2022
A utility for cloning all your repos, including issues, discussions, stargazers and more!


The tool gives you the ability to download a copy of your data on Github. You can highly customize what you want and what not, and also in which form. With all options enabled, the downloaded data includes

  • clones of the repositories, optionally with all branches on remote
  • all issues, including PRs, as HTML reports and raw JSON dumps, as well as .diff and .patch files for the PRs
  • release information, including an HTML report of releases, and all release assets (optionally only from the latest release)
  • HTML lists and JSON dumps of your starred/watched repos, stargazer lists of all your repos, lists of deploy keys, secrets and more

If enabled, the tool can also zip every repo individually afterwards. The process runs fairly quickly since most operations are performed parallelized to utilize resources.

How to use

Install globally via

npm install -g github-takeout

or directly use via

npx github-takeout

You can also download a prebuilt binary and run that.


Just run github-takeout or npx github-takeout if you have not installed it. The wizard will lead you through the process.

How to develop

  • yarn to install dependencies
  • yarn start to run in dev mode
  • yarn test to run tests
  • yarn lint to test and fix linter errors

To publish a new version, the publish pipeline can be manually invoked.

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Lukas Bach
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