Thu Jul 14 2022
repo template for self-hosting google fonts without relying on google host servers

The motivation for this project are legal verdicts passed in germany that stated the use of google fonts illegal in germany for privacy reasons. The idea is to host fonts on your own, but instead of renting actual servers to implement the logic on googles font systems that provide pre-configured css bundles with font references at runtime, the css bundles are generated at compile time in a github action run once and then served statically.

How it works:

  • Fork this repo and setup Github Pages on your fork
  • Go to and configure a font bundle
  • Export a <link> tag on the google fonts page, and copy the href target, e.g.;400;900&display=swap
  • Add the link alongside a key into the fonts file at the root of the repo, such as:
  • Push the repo, and import the css file https//


That's it!

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Lukas Bach
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