Embeddable Monaco Editor

Wed Mar 22 2023
Monaco Editor instance running in an embeddable iframe with an easy-to-use messaging and parameter API

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Monaco Editor is an code editor that powers VS Code and can be reused in other apps. Compared to other frontend libraries, setup is a bit harder with Monaco since it uses webworkers and requires a more complicated build setup. In most use cases it can be implemented with build plugins, but in some use cases, there are harder restrictions on the availability of the build system or the use of web workers, where this is not possible.

This project provides a pre-built version of Monaco Editor that can be embedded in an iframe and controlled via a simple messaging API. It is a drop-in replacement for the Monaco Editor, but it can be used in environments where the build system is not available or where web workers are not allowed.


<iframe src="" id="iframe"></iframe>
const iframe = document.getElementById("iframe");
window.addEventListener("message", ({ data }) => {
    switch(data.type) {
        case "ready": {
                type: "change-value",
                value: "new initial value"
            }, "*");
        case "change": {
            console.log("current value is", data.value)


To use, just embed the URL in an iframe.

There are two primary ways to configure and communicate with the editor. First, configuration can be passed through URL query parameters. Second, the editor can be controlled via a simple messaging API, so that configuration can be changed during runtime, and changes to the editor can be passed back to the parent frame.

The implementation is not complicated, so an easy way to understand what is possible is to just look into the implementation file src/embed.ts.

Supported query parameters

The following query parameters are supported:

  • code: Initial code, defaults to empty
  • lang: Initial language, defaults to javascript
  • theme: Initial theme, defaults to vs-light
  • contextmenu: boolean, "true" or "false"
  • folding: boolean, "true" or "false"
  • readonly: boolean, "true" or "false"
  • lineNumbers: boolean, "on" or "off"
  • minimap: boolean, "true" or "false"
  • background: custom background color, can also be transparent
  • javascriptDefaults: set javascript language properties, required to use:
    • javascriptDefaultsNoSemanticValidation
    • javascriptDefaultsNoSyntaxValidation
  • typescriptDefaults: set typescript language properties, required to use:
    • typescriptDefaultsNoSemanticValidation
    • typescriptDefaultsNoSyntaxValidation
  • dontPostValueOnChange: In the change handler, don't post the value back to the parent frame every time the model is changed
  • context: a string that is passed back in every message sent back from the iframe

Messaging API

Messages sent by the iframe to the parent

Receive messages via

iframe.addEventListener('message', (e) => {
    console.log(`message type is ${}, payload is in`,;

Messages sent by the iframe:

  • { type: "ready" }: Sent when the editor is ready
  • { type: "change", value: string }: Sent everytime the editor value changes
  • { type: "content", value: string }: Sent when the editor content is requested via get-content message

Messages that can be sent to the iframe from the parent

Send messages to the iframe via

iframe.contentWindow.postMessage({ type: "type", ...parameters }, "*");

Messages that can be sent to the iframe

  • { type: "change-options", options: IEditorOptions }: Change editor options
  • { type: "change-value", value: string }: Change editor value
  • { type: "change-language", language: string }: Change editor language
  • { type: "change-theme", theme: string }: Change editor theme
  • { type: "change-background", background: string, theme?: string }: Change editor background color. Can also be transparent
  • { type: "change-javascript-defaults", javascriptDefaults: IJavaScriptDefaults }: Change javascript language defaults
  • { type: "change-typescript-defaults", typescriptDefaults: ITypeScriptDefaults }: Change typescript language defaults
  • { type: "get-content }: IFrame will dispatch a content message with the current editor value
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