Tue Feb 16 2021
Typed event handler/emitter with optional react hook bindings
MIT License

A typed easy-to-use event emitter that you can just construct with a event type and start adding handlers. Aye!


yarn add ayemitter

Create a EventEmitter instance typed to whatever your payload type is, add handlers and emit a new event.

import { EventEmitter } from 'ayemitter';

const emitter = new EventEmitter<string>();

emitter.on(payload => {
  console.log('Handler 1 ' + payload);

emitter.on(payload => {
  console.log('Handler 2 ' + payload);

// Outputs:
//   Handler 1 yup
//   Handler 2 yup

If one or more handlers are asynchronous, the emit call waits for all handlers to finish. All handlers are invoked at the same time.

import { EventEmitter } from 'ayemitter';

const emitter = new EventEmitter<string>();

emitter.on(async payload => {
  // waits for 2 seconds

emitter.on(async payload => {
  // waits for 1 second

emitter.on(async payload => {
  // immediately returns

emitter.emit('yup').then(() => console.log('Done!'));
// All three handlers are invoked at the same time
// "Done!" is outputted after 2 seconds, i.e. after
// all handlers are finished


interface EventEmitter<EventPayload> {
  constructor(options?: EventEmitterOptions<EventPayload>);
  get numberOfHandlers(): number;
  emit(payload: EventPayload): Promise<void>;
  on(handler: EventHandler<EventPayload>): number;
  off(handlerId: number): void;
  delete(handlerId: number): void;

interface EventEmitterOptions<EventPayload = any> {
    logger?: (log: string, payload?: EventPayload) => void;

type EventHandler<EventPayload> = ((payload: EventPayload) => Promise<void> | void) | null | undefined;

React Hook

Use in conjunction with ayemitter-hook to use as React hook.

yarn add ayemitter ayemitter-hook
import { EventEmitter } from 'ayemitter';
import { useEventChangeHandler } from 'ayemitter-hook';

const emitter = new EventEmitter<string>();
const Component = () => {
  const [state, setState] = useState('state1');
    () => {
  ); // state is a dependency

  // The handler is rebinded to the emitter everytime the
  // handler or a dependency changes.

  return; // ...

Hook API

const useEventChangeHandler: <T>(
  eventEmitter: EventEmitter<T>,
  handler: (payload: T) => void | Promise<void>,
  dependencies?: any[]
) => void;


When developing locally, run in the root directory...

  • yarn to install dependencies
  • yarn test to run tests in all packages
  • yarn build to build distributables and typings in packages/{package}/out
  • yarn storybook to run a local storybook server
  • yarn build-storybook to build the storybook
  • npx lerna version to interactively bump the packages versions. This automatically commits the version, tags the commit and pushes to git remote.
  • npx lerna publish to publish all packages to NPM that have changed since the last release. This automatically bumps the versions interactively.
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