University Course Recaps

Sun Jul 07 2019

I have created various learning recaps for courses I have visited at University. The recaps are partially in german and in english.

Most files are listed here as PDF downloads. Additional docx files are available for several of the listed recaps at for download.

Big Data Analytics - Algorithms (Analyse großer Datenbestände)
Big Data Analytics - Recap
Big Data Analytics 2 - Recap
Formal Systems
Haskell Cheatsheet
Higher Mathematics 1+2
Cognitive Systems
Linear Algebra 1
Linear Algebra 2
Machine Learning
Introduction to Computer Networks
Operating Systems
Programming Paradigms (Cheatsheet)
Software Engineering 1
Software Engineering 2
Computer Engineering (Technische Informatik)
Integrated Information Systems for Engineers (Technische Informationssysteme)
Graph Theory Script/Transcript
Machine Translation
Biometric Systems for Person Identification (Recap)
Biometric Systems for Person Identification (Topic overview)
Software Architecture and Quality (SWAQ)
Deep Learning for Computer Vision
Advanced object orientation recap (FOO)
Advanced object orientation short recap (FOO)
Requirements engineering
Software Evolution handwritten recap
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